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tv   Headline News  RT  July 9, 2014 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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scenes of panic as young children and women are among thirty five. against the palestinian territories. germany investigates a defense ministry worker suspected of spying for the days after. working for its ally. simile and seek safety in the eastern ukraine as government forces lay siege to the region's biggest cities.
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it's five pm here and they're all capital you're watching r t international thanks for being with us now which starts with cold and see militants operation in gaza that is causing panic among ordinary palestinians that are caught in the crossfire . i was was was was was i was. looking was what you're seeing here is the consequences of the operation eight children age from six to sixteen are mungo's thirty five civilians that have been killed and the i.d.f. is ramping up its offensive with the use of warplanes and rockets against
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residential areas artie's policy reports from the israeli palestinian border. i'm standing here in the southern israeli town of ashkelon a short time ago there were sirens sounding on the beach which is a short distance from where i'm standing and we can also constantly hear the now the explosions of air strikes on gaza which is just a short distance behind me the israelis insist that they are targeting the military infrastructure of her nuts but the problem is when you have innocent bystanders when you consider part of that infrastructure to be the homes of hamas leaders then it's inevitable that the number of people that are not involved in this conflict essentially civilians are going to be killed hospitals there are reporting that they have been pushed to emergency mode and that they struggling to cope with the number of people that are being brought in certainly the offensive at this stage seems to be heating up almost by the minute we're hearing from israel's defense minister that they plan to expand the operation and we're hearing from the amassed
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leadership that if indeed israel does not cease with its strikes it too will expand the operation there is a particular concern amongst his rabies where rockets now have reached as far as jerusalem and tel aviv these long range rockets bring a whole new dimension to the conflict meaning that it does not limit itself to only the south of the country now egypt is still playing a mediator spokesperson for the cairo government says that they are intensifying their efforts but at the moment it seems as if the cease fire is far from anyone's mind if anything the mood on the ground is that we're heading closer to a full out war. israel has repeatedly shown a willingness to respond quickly to any aggression but what does it actually achieve while back in two thousand and six israel waged war on hezbollah in lebanon but far from being destroyed the group actually rose to power it's a regular operations against hamas have actually led up to the militants of forging a union with palestinian political party fatah and the country's reputation has
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been hit according to an annual poll suggests that as well as now one of the most unpopular countries in the world the negative opinion towards that is increase in year by year and even in israel there are many who do not support a military response. we do believe that the only solution for the conflict in the middle east is a peace and everybody has to understand that you know mahatma gandhi once said that if a human race opts continuously. and i for when i everybody in the end we become blind puts and civilians out of the conflict this is something that we hear in israel jews and arabs they like to get it i'm going to demonstrate for bringing the conflict to an end and only by a just peace and settlement and there are as senior columnist not as royals haaretz newspaper told r.t. there are still chances that the conflict could be resolved so. yes there were
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palestinian casualties including civilian but their numbers are limited. if you compare them to previous rounds of violence so there is the making of a renewed ceasefire israel says aims in this operation are very modest demeans are modest too you do not see any ground maneuver at least yet you do not see any attack on the very heads of hamas the government or the movement so there is still enough leeway for negotiations for dialogue perhaps as you mentioned through egyptian mediation. then you can find all the latest developments figures and videos relating to israel's continued military operation in gaza on our web sites where we post live updates our correspondence to that as well for the.
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security in our police are reportedly investigating a new case of espionage this time it involves the finance ministry employees suspected of spying for washington last week and all the german intelligence worker was arrested in berlin he turned out to be a double agent working for the u.s. but all over has the details. on wednesday morning the federal prosecutors raided the office home of a defense ministry employee lynn they were looking for any evidence that this employee had passed information on to the united states he's currently facing questioning from the this employees currently facing questioning from the attorney general will be waiting to find out if any more information comes out about this but what we do know is that the u.s. ambassador john b. anderson was summoned to the foreign ministry here in berlin in relation to this ongoing investigation well it's just the the latest in a litany of spying scandal here in germany just last week we saw in the security
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services implore you to be and they being arrested and charged with having passed on documents to the n.s.a. for cash now he's currently in prison awaiting trial for that it's understood in reports in the media here that the two on linked that the arrest last week isn't directly linked to what we've seen on wednesday but it's just another example of u.s. spying taking place here in germany the revelations of the u.s. spying on one of its closest allies are now a regular fixture in the german media washington consistently says sorry but as soon called doing exactly the same thing again well for more on their sham joined live by former m i five agent turned blower and ema sean thank you very much for joining me so first we know we have a german intelligence officer employee now a member of the defense ministry just how deep is the u.s. and the germans authorities. well to paraphrase british playwright
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oscar wilde to lose one secret spy in a week is miss fortune to lose to this callousness i think i find it very interesting though i mean the risk of sounding flippant for i find it very interesting because i think what we're seeing here is a pushback from the german state after the scandals of the b.m.d. the cia being involved in hoovering up data mining last year in the snow and closures with the executable program and also after of course the huge scandal of the fact that the n.s.a. has been intercepting the calls from the chancellor angela merkel's private mobile phone i think what we're looking at here is a pushback from the german spies they are really trying to find out what the n.s.a. what the americans are doing within their own country and i think they're probably going to find more. of the sheer scale of what the n.s.a. has been doing not only one of its key european partners but probably across the whole of europe as well but it's not the reason why it's so what do you think
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washington is looking for there. well this is a very good question i mean there's protocols in place between allies where you don't try and subvert each other's intelligence officer you don't try and recruit them you don't try to spy on each other so it seems that on the one hand the usa wants all the allies to work with them on this global war on terror but on the other hand they still want the old days where they can spy on other countries and their national sovereignty with impunity they can have it both ways and now of course we know the us ambassador has been summoned over these last two cases by berlin do you think we will see berlin take some action when is enough enough. when i think we probably got to the point if the embarrassment of last year with the x. keyscore program and chancellors phone being intercepted were not enough surely now surely now these exposure. back as indeed has been reported today that they are going to start spying in
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a retaliatory fashion in order to at least ensure their own national sovereignty but it would be nice as well to see them really put in place laws and influence the european environment as well to protect all european citizens prissie over the internet over communications because we have enough evidence now from edward snowden and from these cases that the us is after control that the n.s.a. is running amok and will continue to infringe the rights of privacy for all we in europe and we need to ensure that certain laws are put in place that can stop that and i hope that the european parliament after all the evidence is taken of the last year will reintroduce the recommendations that were put to it in two thousand and one after the echelon scandal which will build a separate infrastructure for europe which will ensure that we can use open source software and wean ourselves of this dependency on u.s. corporate software so i think this is a great opportunity i just hope the germans will seize it you mentioned dependency
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and it's very interesting actually because it's not as a governor and in germany which is frustrated by people as well as we can so take a look at some figures you'll see that a recent poll actually showed that around half of the germans want to see their country become less dependent on the u.s. do you think that this is all you learned through the spying claims. i think this is been a huge spur to this impetus i mean many many people in the tech community in europe we've been saying this for decades the free software foundation for example if we advocate that we move away from our dependency on u.s. corporate closed approach with software we should ask countries be using open source software so we can see what's going on beneath the hood in order to protect our privacy and this would also be great it's a great business opportunity for europe too to build up companies to develop a knowledge base to educate our young it's a win win situation and i would hope that germany will see this continuing greece
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infringement of its national sovereignty as the spur to encourage their country and the rest of europe to move away and start using a resource to protect our rights as citizens of the e.u. . for more five agent turned whistleblower and thank you very much. germans of course are not the only ones being monitored a recent report based on the leaks of edward snowden claims the n.s.a. has been keeping an eye on five politically active muslim americans as well they include a prominent human rights activists lawyer and scholar and so far there is zero evidence any of them are connected to terrorism so the n.s.a. has been spying on its own people on its friends and even on entire nations reporting every phone call made in the bahamas a little later in the program we'll take you to this on the islands to find out what people and the government think about being watched by washington and what do
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they plan to do about it you can find out about it after a very short break. we're back with the whole world. on america in the financial world. goldman cannot stop only taking credit. life there are. calling for recovery though if you're going to steal some of the. truth it's good to consider. the great. truths the stories but in. truth the access to.
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the. economic down in the final. days. and the rest because i. believe everything we. are looking. at says r.t. international will focus on ukraine now where the prize that has visits the scene of the fiercest fighting during crackdown on anti-government protesters in the east petro poroshenko prized efforts to liberate the city well this is the result of
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those efforts as you can see behind me and international monitoring ball these says the military fired indiscriminately and locals believe only hiding in basements save their lives. but look at the number lost at us from. the photo shoot family. story. did you buy you saw. the tip of steam. the next stops for the ukrainian army are two of the largest cities in the east that's donetsk and lugansk both have suffered artillery attacks and now the president has personally ordered a blockade in the latest raid on logan scott least two people were killed and apartment buildings forward here if an officer brings us the latest from there. we don't leave hotel without bullet proof jackets both sides may be they will not tell
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you the presidential areas but he says something different. shells land in the city center for guns. is the interest for life. so now already but citizens here have little protection against mortar rounds and those who didn't flee face constant danger. over the last three days the city's residential areas have been hate each time we civilian casualties. this is the scene of the most recent attack we saw at least two craters on the road there and there and as you can see this building was damaged well it used to be one of the city's banks and it could barely be a target of whoever is behind this attack. as we're feeling when we hear about another shelling locals say it was the one who recalled that no one got hurt the book called. the hood the fire just going out to the balcony and then i heard it once
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breaking and i realized just because and i don't want to do where to hide where they're going to fire from the next time we go to invite us to what used to be his home broken glass litter is the floor. or the windows and we go to these two room apartment have been shattered. i just got up and opened up the window and it came but you saw as blame the other for the violence but whoever is responsible the violence is really. and fear is spreading lugansk the second largest city in is to ukraine eighty used to be home to more than four hundred thousand people these days you can see it looks like a ghost town it's not just shops banks and restaurants that have closed their doors . post offices to have shocked so has the local police office a group of men gathers next to a bank in the center they're all workers lining to take out cash on payday they
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don't trust the banks not keen to speak to journalists either. i see the people do not want to take their angry nervous it's understandable. thoughts here in eastern ukraine. maria is constantly post an update on what's happening and lugansk on her twitter feed so difficult for you to follow her passion documents life under siege . russia's foreign minister has called the capture of a russian citizen and the mole deaves a kidnapping and i want citizen off the russian m.p. son was grabbed by u.s. agents on suspicion of stealing credit card information artie's a gun it's counted has the story. monsoon his nerves family vacation in the came to an abrupt end when the u.s. secret service captured him before whisking him off to a u.s. base in guam the u.s.
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however had little to say about the circumstances of his arrest there were accusations made at the department of justice case certainly there was no kidnapping involved i'm not sure maybe kidnapping is a bit too strong but if someone is in the capital trying to get on a flight to get to russia and somehow they're spirited away and they end up in. charge of the crime. you know. abduction. i'm just not going to have more in this case the aftermath moscow says city's newest attention is a kidnapping so there's no father who is a russian state duma deputy believes it could be a scheme to trade his son for it would snow that but lawyers are doubtful mr snowden has been granted asylum status in russia i don't know. that the u.s. would engage nor do i not believe really that russia would engage in any sort of an exchange with those two particular individuals there's no extradition treaty
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between russia and the u.s. i would say that also is client. a russian pilot was captured in liberia and sent to the u.s. where he was convicted of drug trafficking thailand allowed the u.s. to take hold of victor boot the russian arms dealer proxy of seizing russian citizens abroad in third countries and then bringing them into the jurisdiction of the united states has become quite common the u.s. has captured citizens of many countries with this kind of snap extradition extraordinary renditions have been common practice since nine eleven and detainees rights of a brutally being violated. was stripped to guam and although the island is in possession of the. he states the u.s. constitution does not fully apply there which raises more questions as to what rights among students no if will have while he's there in washington i'm going to check on the. well everyone is still talking about it it was
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a result that will go down in the world cup history competition host brazil were on the receiving end over seven one russian by germany and even the washing fans absolutely devastated a number even vent of their frustration in the streets with scattered incidents of rolling damage to property and clashes with police vans threw stones and debris and police responded with baton charges and arrests however on the lighter side the result also gave a whole host of internet comedians the chance to demonstrate their wit so let's take a look friends beg germany to stop kicking the ball and the ports hearing brazil's most iconic statue is showing the head in hands and then a well known drink seemed like the only beverage for the occasion after germany's and facts of when and finally let's look at the true meaning all of the world cup logo it's finally been this high for it seems but perhaps better than anything the short video describes what happened.
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well that's it for me for this hour coming up though as promised nimrod kaymer and his documentary about n.s.a. spying in the bahamas. like i always wonder will the n.s.a. listening to my conversations come. to these a place where i know for sure that they do get places called the bahamas i went to not so pick up the city just to get it. i mean the sixty minute job but it's been a government. i'm sure freedom of information. and she says no one here is amiss and i know that. the minister for financial services
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seems comfortable about the whole idea of well mr finance i mean nothing to do with it he said with the state's economic surveillance as well like the stepping into phone. you're looking for banning the whole world. that you just told me to see the phone company to stop it would be easy but yeah i meant to send a letter signed by rising up. but you. know i'm not i'm not you know billionaire is i phone and i'm going to say yeah i'm. basically so you're going to give a speech about the whole government surveillance thing. would you say like the us told you it's all good and there's nothing cool about or i would say that this go over. the n.s.a. surveillance of us about it like that the foreign minister is about to give a speech in parliament saying that he got some reassurances from the u.s.
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or something like that there are certain issues because of national security and that we may not know. there may be certain instances. that that may be warrant some type of information. gathering but when it comes down to the. breaking the privacy rules not individual individuals so innocent individuals that's a whole different story so we need to look at that we need to consider that we need more information from our government that much should know what's going on and they ought to tell the bayman people from a time then we are in a position to make a determination as to babyhood. giving people n.s.a. stickers all right give you some just to put on your phone so you know we'll get. the people of the bahamas okupe like parliament square protest fulfill say from a. deputy prime minister davis he said we give our
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consent you know but that is not the same thing as not knowing yeah so the question we have is like with full brightness exactly the possibility and the reason is one of the many reasons why we're we're demonstrating today if you let us put them in a goat or one of them perhaps it could be anything it could be that they just turned a blind eye without being without being so often in small countries like this you think well you know if united states wants to do it and we're not going to get in trouble gary you are going to come in effect as clearly. this man is suing the u.s. government and my right to privacy have been violated i don't know enough in all of my new york i didn't know you know they were going there are members of their lives like in responsibility i don't you know follow the progress i don't understand how not to. drop. on him in a sentence is it ok if you just listen to people's phone calls as
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a whole in the bahamas or becomes about it ok to listen to people i was like. ok this is just on the fringe of the food reward information that you know the cabin of the bahamas can contain important information that should be shared with the service and very long back. nate said. he. sees the tree. see it every day see the commentary it's taking that box up there that there should . be an interview. cut. to.
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asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on r t. your friends post a photo from a vacation you can't. call it different. the boss repeats the say old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend stupids tear jerking poetry keep. norrish. we post only we knocked out our teeth to your face but you speak. hello there i marinate it this is the boss and these are some of the stories that
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we're tracking for you today. first up well a very exciting world cup game is on right now between brazil and germany we appreciate you watching a live and first story here on groom bus optimism has returned but what was the price of this new cyclical upswing economics professor michael hudson way then come in right off and anthony randolph that was on the program today he's giving us his libertarian assessment on monetary policy over and sadness and the financial instability that we just went through and into days a big deal edward harris and i are discussing time off versus our work and what exactly they're actually has on output it all starts right now.


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